Tuesday, September 7, 2010

At Home with Paranormalcy contest entry

in case you weren't sure, i loved Paranormalcy. it was wicked cool. Evie was interesting, Lend was so hot (book crush), Reth was... not quite sure how to put it. what word means creepy and dangerous and attractive all at the same time?? but i like Lend more. ;)

and i think Kiersten White is funny. i wish there was a signing closer to me. the closest right now is on the 11th in Salt Lake City. but it would be a 16 hour drive. *sigh*

so, when this contest came up, i thought i would enter. i've only ever won one contest before, and that was for some makeup and i forgot i'd entered it. then there was the signed copy of a Michele Jaffe book that arrived in the mail one day. i was really confused for a little bit, cause i thought i'd entered for that 6 months beforehand. hmmm.

well, even if i don't win this one, it was still fun to plan out pictures. i'll put up all the other ones on Twitter so you can see my weird ideas.

i think this one was the best, though.

"Queen of the Mountain" ;)

tsk tsk, Paranormalcy. beating up on some of my favourite YA books. and they're all there: Hush, Hush (i'm on pins and needles waiting for Oct. 19th). Jealousy. Linger. The Dark Divine. Sisters Red. (oh, the werewolf love :D) Forgive My Fins. Sea. Sea Change. (mermaid love. :) now i'm thinking about Lish. oh, bleep) Bleeding Violet. Wings. Vampire Academy (and Spirit Bound). Revelations. The Forest of Hands and Teeth. plus, there's a hidden Meridian by Amber Kizer in there somewhere. :)

and, of course, Scott Pilgrim. :D

so, this is what happened to me when Paranormalcy arrived: she kicked some book butt to show who's boss (and without a taser, too).

oh, and no books were harmed during the taking of this picture.

i might've gotten a paper cut, though. ;)


  1. What a great concept for Kiersten's photo contest! I love it -- Queen of the Pile! Best of luck in the contest :))

  2. Fun! I might have to enter this myself.

  3. Good luck in the contest! Just finished the first chapter on my Kindle and I'm loving it so far :)