Thursday, April 29, 2010

Me on Self-Editing

or, why i'm feel nauseous when i have to edit something i wrote.

i don't really know what my deal is with editing. probably cause i've never really had to do any major editing on something. except for this past semester when i had a first draft due early March and had to edit it by mid-April.

for some reason, probably a bad one, i'm used to writing something once and not going back to check it or edit it.

i've also had little workshop critique experience, so i've never really had a lot of edit suggestions from other people.

the other day i finally realized that what i'm working on now will need lots of editing. i've written bits that, while i put them in there cause i thought they should be there, i know that they don't totally need to be there.

when i'm done this first draft/zero draft, i really want to print it out and write all over it with a pencil and a pen, marking it all up.

i'm still sort of afraid of doing it. i know what i want to put in it, but will it be what someone wants to read??

the best I can do it edit it to where i totally love it (and hopefully not take forever), then send it off to find an agent who totally loves it, too.

i can only hope i don't totally suck at self-editing.

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